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A lot of couples and pre-wedding photographers in Agra have come up with countless options in pre-wedding shoot concepts. Laxmi Productions have the best pre wedding shoot price in agra . So much so that you may have a tough time deciding what to opt. we did pre wedding shoot under 10,000 in agra. We brief you through a few images in pre-wedding shoots and also a few tips about how you can execute that idea. 

Some Special Moments

The first concept up on your list is the traditional form of pre-wedding photography. This concept is where you delve into your cultural roots or display the traditional heritage of your culture. It works best for couples who are planning a completely traditional wedding celebration. 

If this concept is something that interests you and your better half then pick a location with a rustic and antique vibe to it. For your outfits, go for something traditional but yet classy and modern. You could ask your photographer to click a few black and white or sepia tone pictures to add an authentic hint to your photographs.

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